Commission Status: Closed (as of April 28, 2019)


Sketch Commissions (Greyscale)

Sketch Commissions (Color)

Visual references or mood-boards are strongly preferred! Written descriptions are fine but take more time to figure out, increasing the cost for a commission order.

✓ ✓✓ I’m OK with drawing most things, including nudity, mild gore, and fursona/anthro. 

✗✗✗ I will not draw nude fursona/anthro, sexual situations, or anything requiring heavy amounts of gore.

Existing characters/fanart are OK, but original characters are preferred! 

If you’re new to commissioning me for artwork, here is how it works:

1. Contact me at the email above and tell me what kind of commission you’d like and who you’d like me to draw. I’ll let you know that I got your email and ask you for character references.

2. Send me visual references, especially if you’d like me to draw your original character(s). These can include your own drawings, collages of celebrity photos for face refs, photos of objects, armor and fashion, etc. Almost anything goes as long as they help to describe your character visually. Also please make sure to give a brief character description so that I’m able to portray the character the best that I can.

3. I’ll confirm the references and ask any remaining questions if needed. I’ll also let you know the amount for payment at this time and ask for your preferred email address so I may send a Paypal invoice.

4. Upon agreement of payment and supplying an email, I will send the invoice. Please read the terms (it's very short) and use the link in the invoice to send payment to my Paypal.

4. When payment is sent, I’ll start the drawing. I’m usually able to complete a drawing in 1-3 days. If I have other commissions, then I’ll give you an estimate of how long it’ll take for the drawing to be completed.

5. If a drawing takes a lot of time (for example, a painted piece or a character with lots of detail), then I’ll send you a rough sketch before I complete the commission. This is to make sure I’m on the right track and that you’re satisfied with the progress.

6. After I’m done, I’ll send you the full-resolution image. If you sent half the payment, I expect the other half at this time.

I can also work some small revisions to the artwork if there’s something about the image you’re unsatisfied with.  However, If I’m asked to do a revision more than twice, I will have to start charging for those changes and will let you know the cost.

And that’s it! Thanks for your interest~ :D And hope to hear from you soon.

-Mariel (Lacrimode)