Past Comic Projects

Some experimental sequential art, most of them based on a story about superheroes that protect the passions, vocations, and desires of everyday people.


You've Got Nothing to Fear

Paolo Ignacio, a hero known as the Red Fiend, must rescue his partner, the Blue Fiend, after his kidnapping by a mysterious villain.

My first lengthy comic. I finished this story about superhero partners back in 2015 when I was into Kamen Rider and Power Rangers. It was an experiment in seeing my characters on the page after working on a story for a couple months.

Now that I look back at this I see a lot of awkward mistakes. Nevertheless, I'll always be impressed by the effort my old self put into this thing. I sure had a lot of fun drawing it.


The Sun

The Red and Blue Fiend hang out on their day off from fighting bad guys.

Another exploration of the characters from "You've Got Nothing to Fear", this story focuses more on Paolo and Sun in their lives as civilians.